Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drawing Diary: 28 and 29 March 2012

28 March: 600 NOK
This evening someone came by my office and gave me 600 NOK, that was nice. He had gotten it from someone else, but felt he should give this to me. Thank you, thank you, that was very encouraging. As I am short in finances, and need to ask more people wether they want to sponsor me. In YWAM, everyone is dependent on gifts and personal sponsoring for their income. It´s a bit like a big collective of entrepreneurs.

29 March: 115 plates of dinner
Thursday is the day that I work in the kitchen at Grimerud. Today, this meant that we had to make roastbeef, cream marinated potatoes and vegetables (carrots and sprouts) for 115 people. For desert there was raspberry-jello with whipped cream and vanilla-sauce. Our regular chef is on sick leave due to an injured arm, so it was me who had to "lead" lead the whole crew. All the time I thought we were not going to make it, but it went fine in the end. Seeing we made it, I grew in confidence as a chef (And I have one more kitchen-story to brag about). Altogether I was in the kitchen for seven hours, because I was doing dishes as well.

I stumbled upon a good website with free audio-books, I started listening to "The man who was Thursday" by C.K. Chesterton.

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