Friday, March 2, 2012

Drawing Diary: 29 February and 1 March 2012

29 February: It´s like the great stories, Mr. Frodo.
I worked with OCR-scanning of a 40 year old book. It is a very compelling story of how christians impacted the town of Munich under the olympiad in 1974. For that event, YWAM ended up buying a castle (Hurlach) in the vicinity, which I believe they still have today. There are many those great stories in the 50-year history of YWAM that testify of who God is. It is so necessary to know these stories and keep passing them on. The ones that really mattered.

1 March: I talked with our recreational cook Christian today, and the talk went both deep and wide. At one point he commented that art makes such a difference in board-games for certain people, it makes it so much easier for them to relate to the story, and so engage in the story. The same way perhaps, I think your every day will get stronger when you see the greater story. I want to know the great story of my life and tell others about it.

I am very encouraged to hear all your reactions on my drawing diary, both on-line and in real-life. I hope it is somehow giving you an idea of how to tell how your days are.
Some people have already ask me wether I will publish the diary after I am done with it, so they can buy it. Sounds like a goodie! I have not made up my mind about that, and we still have ten full months to go. Let me know if your interested.

Here is the website of the YWAM base at Hurlach, looks like they have a 40 year anniversary this year.


Stina Eriksen Bratland said...

Jeg er like imponert hver gang!!
Du er bare så utrolig flink!!!:D

marianne leonora said...

Masse spennende tanker og nydelige tegninger. Jeg føyer meg inn i rekken sammen med Stina. Imponert.


Jan Willem Middag said...

Jeg er ganske imponert jeg óg, ganske ofte.
Jeg ser med forventning fram til resten av året, det er min Gud som er stor og som imponerer meg. Jeg er bare så takknemlig.