Friday, March 9, 2012

Drawing Diary: 6 and 7 March 2012

6 March: Being your own only reference is not going to work.
It was very quiet at the café today, many of the christian youth must have been at their cell-groups, very good for them. I had some short and concrete talks with some young creatives, one guitar-player, one film-maker. I only remember this one sentence I said. It´s so cool these young people being full passion (I just hope it´s not going to burn them). There is a lot I want to be talking with them about, from the few years I have been "a creative". Keeping a diary helps a lot.

7 March: Other people´s stories
There just started a new school here, and the students have been sharing their life-stories with each-other. I talked with a couple of them afterwards. The people with the easy lives feel guilty about theirs, when they heard the other people´s hard lives. It´s a known fact that we never get satisfied. Especially if we compare our bad sides with other people´s good sides. We concluded: It´s good it is to be thankful for the lives we got, and for how God has been with us all of our days.

Sub-conscience influence: The pirate-girls might have ended up looking like Jeremy Bastian´s work. His work is just waaaay more detailed and just better. Following his recommendation, I snuck a peacock-feather on the right girl´s hat.
I find his work very inspiring, you can probably see a likeness.

Some blues must have hit me, as I found myself trying to sing this song.
It started to snow today, and I feel alright.

Good quote from the movie Munich: «You can´t make a decision, if you can´t make it in one day.», It´s very true for this diary project.

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