Sunday, April 22, 2012

Drawing Diary: 19 and 20 April

19 April: Gruesome gut-feelings
The trial of the Norwegian mass-murderer has begun a few days ago. I see the newspaper-photo´s with horror. I read very few of the articles. I do not want to see movie-clips from the court-room or hear his voice. A little something inside of me says it can be good to follow along with this historical event. Jesus taught someone to "love your enemies" (Luk 6:35), I say, this time it´s difficult.

20 April: Unlocked a treasure
Today someone tipped me that I had overlooked one cabinet in my search for old photo´s from YWAM-Norway. We keep the archives well hidden away, behind locked doors that few people have the key of. Opening the cabinet I found thousands of black and white photo´s and a big box laden with slides. This surely will help us to shape a picture.

When it is this hurtful, I feel like letting history pass me by.

I read an interview with a Norwegian resistance-fighter (WW2) in the newspaper today. Resistance fighters inspire me, everyone has a personal type of hero-figure. He said he had forgiveness towards the Nazi´s that burned his village and had destroyed so much. Forgiveness, at the deepest, is so difficult.

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