Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 23 and 24 April

23 April: Real imaginary vikings!
Me and my friend Anne used to be viking-likers when were studying. He still likes it a lot, I have kind of lost interest after I left Arnhem. Surely, I had to let him know that YWAM Norway is hiring a big viking-boat this summer to sail it to Newcastle (UK) and back. There we will thank the British for sending brave monks to bring the gospel to Norway. I am not joining the voyage. I must have grown-up and became the civil man we all dreaded to become while we were students. Cheers to civil men and civil vikings, they will be united in the afterlife and rejoice in the halls of their great God.

24 April: Teacher Jan Willem
One of the first kids that came to the café today, walked up to me and shook my hand. When I introduced myself, he said he had heard about me and hoped I could answer some bible-questions. After the initial surprise, We sat down and had a long exegesis about the first letter of John. I didn´t know I had a reputation as a bible-teacher. 

Here is a short video from when YWAM Norway had signed the rental-agreement with the crew of the viking-ship.

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