Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drawing Diary: 25 and 26 April

25 April: How was is to be a YWAM'er in Norway, in all the 40 years? That is what I have been looking for these days. With a lightbox, a magnifier and a slide projector. I am still looking through a few hundred of old slides, and many many old black and white photographs. Hoping to create a picture of the things that are typical and recognizable for our organization here in Norway. I am imagining myslef to "be there" in every little slide.

26 April: I have chosen to work in the kitchen on thursdays. Work is an honest and good thing, work came before the fall. Work for me is something physical/practical. Sitting behind a desk making drawings, only counts for half points. It is a long push to stand in the kitchen for 5 hours. I used to work in the forest and the factory for eight hours, but not without breaks. From now on I am going to take a 15 minute break right after the desert. 

Our thursday dinner was: Stuffed paprika´s, couscous and salad. We had cheesecake for desert. We made dinner for 120+ people.

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