Monday, April 30, 2012

Drawing Diary: 27 and 28 April

27 April: With one track mind to three doors down.
Today´s mission was to edit two video-clips that were taken this weekend. Never done before. Don´t have the software. We tried many things to "make it work". These are instances when I get very single minded about my task. I will not give up before I have exhausted all the options I can think of. In the end I laid a net-cable from the third-floor to the basement office, this might have caused our server to crash.

28 April: Picture Purely.
All day the spring-sun shone brightly and warmed our moods. I went out for a walk and a bike-ride in the beautiful Hedmark surroundings. I declined to be part of a couple of "social events" to work on a drawing, for myself. It is a folky kinda drawing for the about the Norwegian national day. I realized that I had not made so many "personal pieces" this year.

Thinking back I noticed that saturday´s picture got a lot more lyrical, a whole different aesthetic. I did not make it "to a text", as I have been doing for the diary. It stands for itself, and tells the story/mood by itself, rather than having the text to have a say.

Writing and drawing are two different ways of communication to me. I am often trying to make them compliment the other.

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