Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drawing Diary: 3 and 4 April

3 April: Karl Oskar is back.
I don´t know this guy very well, I have seen him a few times at Grimerud and the Hamar free-church. I heard that he had come to know about Jesus and about christians at the same café where I met him today (Café UNO). And now he is back from abroad (DTS+SBS) and is going to be working with us at in our café. I am looking forward to this. 

4 April: Vikings, a crescendo in paper.
I had agreed on monday to work on "some paper" today, instead of having easter vacation, like everyone else. I say yes so quickly.   The paper I worked on was quite important, no question, but it kinda ruined my vacation-feeling. Of course I will get a day-off compensation for this.

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