Monday, April 2, 2012

Drawing Diary: 30 and 31 March 2012

30 March: I have been a bit sick (feverish and a sore throat), since last friday-night when we were roasting marchmallows by the lake. I don't get sick so very often. My preferred method of dealing with this kind of problem is to act as if it doesn't excist and until it goes away. To prove myself to the problem (and to myself) I will just keep on acting it (a.k.a. "Silent treatment"). This does not always work. Today my headache and fever got the better of me, and went to bed after lunch. When I mentally surrendered to being sick I slept the whole afternoon evening and night.

31 March: Last day of the month, one quarter of the year is over. Today I have been under heavy consideration to quit this diary for a while. Maybe all the work with the diary is wearing me out, and has gotten me sick. Many times I have felt like quitting the diary, to invest my time in the people I have written about. And the diary is taking a lot of time, about two hours a day. From the start I was doubtful wether it would be worth it to spend so much time on this diary, in many ways. Quite soon I will start on a big commission, and I won't have time for the diary.

So this is what my room looks like, this is where I spent my "sick-time". I messfully merged the opposite corners of my room into this one image. I still have a bit of a sore throat.

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