Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drawing Diary: 9 and 10 April

9 April: Today I feel all doused by thinking of significant things to write about, I get tired of ascribing value and meaning to every feature and motion. The longer I am doing this diary, the more "warning signs" I get that it does not make a lot of sense to spend so much of my time in this way. But I am an persistant man, and I am going to keep going. I really like all those good reasons to quit. I agree with many of them, and I want to discover more of them, better ones. It is my crazy nature.

10 April: Today at the cafe, a kid asked if I could sit down with him, he had some questions for me, about repentance and living right as a christian. I have worked there for over two years, and something like it has never happened before. Many many many times I have talked with him, usually very unserious. Many many many times (almost every week) I get prayed for at Grimerud that I will "have good talks". I pray for this myself too, as I wheel down to Hamar on my way to the cafe.

Well, this beautiful picture could have been a lot simple, and would have taken me a lot less time. The origin of this picture is that, at the café I keep mixing up the two types of cream we keep in the fridge in the back-room.

Meanwhile, this Easter back in the Espelo (NL), They made this huge easter-bonfire. 46 meter tall!


marianne leonora said...

Sometimes bloging feels like a lonely ride.But still you share and influense by doing it :) this book of yours is what we say in Norway a "klenodie". Like a tresure. Im shore you will se the sagnificanse of it looking back in the future.


Jan Willem Middag said...

Oh yes, as I am working on it, getting to see many good things with keeping diaries. Some of this, I guess, I won´t see until years after, that is very true. And I see that there are many other good things that I could be using my time on today.

The Dutch word "kleinood" is probably the same as this Norwegian word, but the word is very old. Only poets and old church-people that use it.