Sunday, May 13, 2012

Drawing Diary: 11 and 12 May

11 May: Like a cooking-show
Fetching the bull by the horns in a herd of running reindeers.
Waiting patiently for the Narwhal pod to pass.
Take all the chances, circumpolar life is masculine.

12 May: Spring Critter
The weather is still changing, the farmers are out on the fields at night.
Kids are playing on the swing. I wonder if the squirrels are back from their hibernations.

This is a cool video of Steve «ESPO» Powers, talking about his work, and about the dailies he calls «Metaltations». Good to see someone like him do a daily thing.

And I foud another Sketchbook-kinda-thing that I thought about joining.
Mostly because of fun. If you think I should do another sketchbook project,
you can sign me up, or send me the money …


Ragnhild said...

i like the style of these drawings :)

Jan Willem Middag said...

Thank you Ragnhild,
I like it when I can put together a picture over two pages.
The funnest is that I can draw things that do not exist.
I will have the diary with me to Sweden next week.