Saturday, May 19, 2012

Drawing Diary: 17 and 18 May

17 May: Peace and love from the land above.
In an extensive speech, I heard how Norway negotiated herself into independence.
Few of these city-men and valley-men and were fighters inside. Why?
Is it because, by God their kingdom is built and protected.
That is what the national hymn says.

18 May: I need a plan
One guy, often when he is at Grimerud, keeps telling me to be more proactive in the "social life" here. I never like it when someone thinks he should tell me what to do.
He said, I should engage other people in what would like to be doing. Not in the work, but in my free time.

It´s stick-man, and peace-moose.
This is stick-man´s first appearance in the diary, and probably the onlyest.
Perhaps peace-moose will come back one day.

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