Monday, May 28, 2012

Drawing Diary: 25 and 26 May

May 25 Takeaway´s along the way.
Just before we drove back into Norway we came across "Tegneby" (Norwegian for Drawing-city). We stopped to have me pose in front of the road-sign. At the border I bought a big jar of fruity-drops for the office. 

May 26 
All the takeaway´s from the writing workshop are still roasting in my brain.
I learned that I should write for my audience, not for myself.
In-between birthday-cake and working for a client, I am trying to figure what you would like me to draw here
(That means right HERE). What would you like to see?

I would have liked to see pictures and drawings of my own children growing up, especially if it has to do with their birthday. I was thinking, if I get my own children, I can keep illustrated journals of all the days of their lives. Then they can take over when they are old enough, and their children had to take over towards the end. I´ll hope they will have many good days with many good memories.

I was going to post this blunt and honest entry on May 25th: Sweden has one of the most feminine cultures. I got told by a Swede that it if I would not point out all the the mistakes in people´s lives and work , I would fit into more peoples lives. I get her point, and I am not sure if I agree.

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