Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Drawing Diary: 27 and 28 May

May 27 On a hot summer sunday
Breakfast on the sun-spangled lawn. On the way to church, a scythe and hayfork passed by me on the back of an dark olive VW Beetle. In church, two little girls got baptized. After church, burgers and a beer with my friends. Back at Grimerud, more burgers and hotdogs. The summer-breeze blew our paper plate off the tables. 11 degrees Celsius at midnight.

May 28 No disturbances
With no-one in the office I can get a lot of work done. Today was a national holiday in Norway, I will take a day off at another time. While three of our department were on the writing workshop, two others stayed home to design the magazine. They did a really good job. Conclusion: We should leave the country more often.

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