Saturday, May 5, 2012

Drawing Diary: 3 and 4 May

3 May: 
I appreciate the dinner a lot more when I have worked for it, worked with it. At this big place I make dinner once a week. Without thinking, I do take things for given when it is just there 16:30 every day. Expecting our kitchen crew to be precise.
On second thought, I want to be thankful to God for providing food for us. And for a society that has made it easy to get and prepare our meals. It happens so fast that I eat and drink without this second thought.

4 May: 
Of the thousands of historical slides of YWAM-Norway, we have picked out about one hundred. And those had to get scanned today and on monday. At the end of the day I only got 20 of them done. The slidescanner is working really slow. At the same time, I have been archiving old issues of our magazine Mot Målet. I copied the 1999-2005 digital archive from 20+ CD´s unto a small black hard-drive.

After last time I have been wondering how one could make a really huge bread, you´d have to make a really big oven first. Then when the bread was done, I thought I could rent some hungry pigs and a cat and let them loose on the big bread.
That would be quite an attraction.

A real attraction are these curly pigs that look like sheep.

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