Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drawing Diary: 7 and 8 May

7 May: Listening to the international YWAM podcast, again I hear Loren Cunningham name Norway as the country that is sending most missionairies per capitia. We believe this will greatly increase in the future, we are working at making that happen. Norwegians are proud of their explorers, pioneers and missionaries. Those that have come out from under the wings of their mothering "fatherland".

8 May: Frigjøringsdag
Today is the day the Norwegians celebrate/remember them being liberated from the nazi occupation. Ver few people showed up, we could see them from the café window. In addition to the Norwegian flag, they were parading with two NATO flags. I have never see that before. Very strange!

Here is the Podcast mentioned in the 7th of May entry.

Alternate entry for 8th of May: The Chocolate-wrapper over the diary is from a bar of chocolate we got from Martina from Switzerland. She helped out at our department for a couple of months, and now she is back at the Nordtun base. She scanned by hand a few decades of Mot Målet (YWAM Norway´s magazine). She told me she learned quite some Norwegian as she wanted to read some of the articles in the magazine.

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