Thursday, May 17, 2012

Syttende Mai 2012

Gratulerer med dagen Norge!

Today was Norway´s national day. The celebrate the approval of their constitution. That did not go smooth, not in those days. They had to have many and long negotiation before the Swedes would leave them in peace. Norwegians are peacemakers and democrats, not warriors.

Well, I had a day off, I watched them all in their national costumes, and was able to work very undisturbed on this drawing. I was not able to finish the elaborations and deer-shapes around the celebrating family. Let your imagination color them.


Stina Eriksen Bratland said...

Så utrolig stilig!!:) Digger detaljene!! :D Du er utrolig dyktig!!!!!!

Jan Willem Middag said...

Takk skal du ha Stina, det var første gang jeg prøvde meg på en sånn stor prosjekt med vannfarger. Tror jeg. Det ble bra.