Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drawing Diary: 10 and 11 June

10 June
I met up with Kalle and Eirik over coffee. The talk went very fast. they wanted to hear about my church background in the Dutch Reformed Church, and the importance of Gods word in my church.
I am looking forward to be hanging with them again and talk about I see God differently from most Norwegians.

11 June
Now the summer-weather has come, it looks like it is going to stay. After a boring workday I pick up my bike and drove a few kilometers to sit down and draw this small idyllic house.
I pass by here all the time when I ride down to the café.

The guy on stage in church was talking about heaven,
to help our imagination he played "Adagio for Strings" for us.
Being Dutch, this is my favorite version of that song.


John Christian Fjellestad said...

nice blogging and drawing!
Haha, that was my favourite-version of adagio for strings too!

Jan Willem Middag said...

The best thing is to see how much Tiësto enjoys the party himself.