Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drawing Diary: 12 and 13 June

12 June
The Good the Sad and the Easy
It´s good that I could finally go on a Barista-course at Solberg&Hansen, after having been working at Cafe UNO for so long. I got totally confused and stressed at the course. I did not get a good feeling with the machines there and made mistakes. Then the guy started to correct me and I still didn´t know what I did wrong. And I made even more mistakes. Back at Café UNO I made the coffee super-good.

The sad thing is that it was our last day at the Café, next friday another shop/café is starting to move in. On saturday we would have been on that spot for five years. We reckon to be able to open up our new spot before the schools start again.

13 June
I had a Nespresso-coffee, in total contrats to yesterday.
Capsule-coffees are easy, and taste like horse-wash. No matter how many expensive words you soap it with. Both pristine espresso´s and capsule-coffee comfort are luxuries. Our youth-café has served many comfortable afternoons and evening. For some, it has even changed their lives from sad to good, forever.


John Christian Fjellestad said...

We should pray that you should get a better place for your next Cafe Uno. So it can be worth all the effort to move.

Jan Willem Middag said...

I trust we will get a very good place for our next Café, John Christian. It looks like it will.

Linn's hverdagsmirakler said...

For en fantastisk bra tegning!!

Jan Willem Middag said...

Takk Linn, og takk for å har satset på ungdommene alle disse første fem årene med Café UNO på Strandgata. Det er en glede å jobbe med dere.