Saturday, June 16, 2012

Drawing Diary: 14 and 15 June

14 June
Today I sent in my tax-paper (over-due), and sent an invoice.
The first felt like a big relief and a little victory, the last felt like a little relief and a big victory.
Paying bills feels like paying someone for what I have been doing,
Sending invoices feels like having someone pay me for what I have been doing,
Grace is like when God pays both the bills and invoices. All in advance, with his blood and his honor.

15 June
I had Kristy take over my design-work after lunch. AND. With little experience and my rushed 10-minute instructions, she managed to get a lot of the work done. She executed the job like a boss. She has skills with muscles on them. I knew she could do it, and still I am proud and impressed of her.

As an illustrator I get to draw snowmen in the middle of june.
The drawing for the entry of the fourteenth is for a friend´s christmas-dance/performance.

I think organ and choir music has endorphines in them.
Especially after hearing four hours of incessant kitchen-cackle over cakes.

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