Sunday, June 17, 2012

Drawing Diary: 16 and 17 June

16 June
I see God in all of the most elegant book of creation. I would not tear one of his pages because it is soiled, or eaten by an asphalt (or to be born with down-sydrome). At my (reformed) high-school, our biology-teacher made us write article 2 of the Belgic confession on the flyleaf of our biology-books. You could say that this article is a very good pair of glasses to view creation with. It was not the teachers glasses that I learned most  form, but from the large and lively man himself.

17 June
I am looking forward to take a lot of trips through the green hills of Hedmark.
I will draw Norwegian woods and Norwegian wooden buildings.
This is Jønsberg vidergående skole, it looks like an egg-white wooden castle.
This building will be a hundred years old in 2013.

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