Friday, June 1, 2012

Drawing Diary: 29 and 30 May

29 May
The many things we all can do,
we will do together.
Those little things only you can do,
because of who you are.
Those make you special.
For Linn

30 May The Queen-mother
In preparation of the Norwegian kings birthday-celebration, the norwegian television showed a documentary about Queen Elizabeth II. She has been on the throne for 60 years. I have respect for kings and queen, when they are good ones. Especially for what they mean for their people. In such a position, you have to make your life count.

The little poem is for my good friend Linn,
working with her is worth writing about.

Here is my alternative entry for May 29th:
It´s been told that old people don´t go on adventure, and they don´t fall madly in love. They don´t have a need to change. They are rather boring as story-characters. My God has ended up to look like that. Somehow
The "old skins" that still had a lot of fight in them, those are the ones I remember the best. At the Café, I was reading a series of articles about the role of grandparents, In norwegian society and in their children´s literature. I am quietly working on a children´s book.

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