Thursday, June 7, 2012

Drawing Diary: 4 and 5 June

4 June: Tired and content
This year, our organization is having it´s 40th anniversary.
We finished the magazine and sent the files to the printer, but not before 18:30.
It´s a lot of work. And a lot of small things need to be in place.
I refuse to get stressed, I can keep head clear when I finish on little thing at a time.
It is still a super-intense, and at the I felt that I my personal 40th anniversay.

5 June: Tired and stressed
Today was one of our last days at Café UNO. Next week we have to move out.
The other guy on the work-list never showed up. I got stressed when the evening-crowd rolled in with a dozen orders.
Meanwhile I did not have this guy´s number, and the orders kept coming. A teenager offered to help, and worked he way through a list of smoothie-orders. After twenty minutes two colleagues showed up and together we made everything right again.

When I was done with these two entries, I saw that I had noted them down two days ahead of time. Humpf.

Here is an earlier entry of the same jar of drops from when I had just bought it.
You can say we designed the magazine on a sugar-high.

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