Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drawing Diary: 10 and 11 July

10 July: This is one of the generators at the "Vasskraft-sentrale" in Tyssedal. The whole plant is a gigantic hall, the acoustics in there are superbe, better than in the Nidaros-dome. There are many many many interesting stories around the hydro-plant and the carbide factory. Well worth to make a number of children´s books about.

Any Norwegian writers willing to work with me on a thing like that?

11 July: It has been raining a lot and weather forecast said there was an increased risk of flooding. We decided to drive around the area a bit. We drove from Langfoss to Låkafoss. We bought pizza´s at Etne and drove home over Ekkjeskaret.

Langfoss is an huge waterfall by the main-road, tall and noisy and inaccessible. Låkafoss is far inland past some farms and a racetrack. We had to walk around the area to find and explore it. This one was a cozy and folky waterfall. I like.

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