Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drawing Diary: 14 and 15 July

14 July: We took the day to drive back Ottestad where I live. We came through Eidsborg and Heddal where we had a look at two more stave-churches. Very impressive. Up til Oslo we were slowly leaving the idyllic cottages, woods and mountains. The concrete, glass and three-lane traffic did a good job to transition us out of our vacation-mood.
The roads went from narrow and windy, to wide and straight. Still it is the same country.

15 July: It´s about faithfulness.
Can you imagine, the photo exhibition is finally on the walls, here at YWAM´s summer conference. We have been working on this for about seven months. I waved my parents goodbye and me and my colleagues made our way from Grimerud in the east to Stavern in the south. While all the good men where outside to set up the big meeting tents, I was inside the hall to organize the photo´s and posters for the exhibition. I would have rather been working with the guys outside, but my place was with our long anticipated exhibition.

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