Monday, July 23, 2012

Drawing Diary: 20 and 21 July

20 July: A little less conversation …
I was talking with a German friend is now working with YWAM Skien after having been with us at Grimerud for a while. She told me that she chose to join dance-classes instead of joining a Norwegian language-course. Learning the local language is super important, and so is getting out of the "ghetto" many of us christians spend their lives in.

21 July: Strengthening the bonds
Always when I meet Christian and Anne I end up talking about the cultural differences between the continent and Scandinavia. This time we kind of agreed that the good kind of quarreling produces strong relationships. I kind of don´t know how much to trust someone if I have not pushed their limits (I do this with God too).

Firstly, I thought this song would fit well with both of the diary entries, enjoy!

Next, guess why I chose to draw Lilo and Stitch?
besides "Lilo and Stitch" being my favorite animation-movie.

The red strip at the bottom of the page is my "food-band" from the GOfest.

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