Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drawing Diary: 22 and 23 July

22 July: One year to the day.
I woke up thinking that THIS day one year ago Breivik blew up the government quarter and massacred at Utøya. And shocking weeks followed after this day. We opened the café to give the youth a chance to hang out here if they wished. Today, I have mostly moved on. I did not watch the news or attended a ceremony, not even a personal one.

23 July: I have kind of been looking forward to this day, getting back to work after the vacation and the GOfest. Today I started working on the new DTS-magazine.

I had a feeling coming that I "had to" write my significant opinion about the tragedy at Utøya last year. Because I am a christian or because I have been saying something every day of this year so long.

I am sad for the few friends I have lost, and for the trauma the whole country is in. But I see too that Norway has taken things very well, and with a lot of openness.

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