Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 24 and 25 July

24 July: The (Auto-)Pantographist
I glued together a word for what I am doing. What I mean is that I am putting up a show about my own life by making drawings. Instead of talking with people. Weird?

25 July: What to say …
I got asked me to give a talk about creativity and this diary book. This will be in a few months from now. The offer got me thinking of why I had started this diary. This book is the story of my life in 2012. This evening I talked with someone about how I was sick and got well again four years ago. Even though it was a very difficult time, I got to trust God more afterwards.

The drawing to the right came out a little wonky because I made it without making a pencil-sketch first. Something I otherwise never do, even for the smallest drawings. After I was done, I came up with a number of better ideas to illustrate the entry. Typical.

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