Sunday, July 29, 2012

Drawing Diary 26 and 27 July

26 July: Was sagen sie?
I had thought that all of my Norwegian had taken over all the brain-space in language-lobe, making me lose my German. Chris and his aunt dropped by, and I did not do so bad when I had to speak German with them. I had learned German as a child, and still understand it very well.
What had come into my little head early and repeatedly, had stayed there the longest. Chris knows this as a principle too. He works to make a series of children´s CD´s about Jesus.

27 July: The opening ceremony of the Olympics was very impressive, I watched it at some friends place. The whole show was totally amazing, with all the country life, the industrialization and the children´s literature. The dance-performance where the father takes away the little boy´s fear, left the biggest impression in me. I think it was meant to show a part of the character of God.

Critical mistake: The moose in the top right corner of the bowl was supposed have the Norwegian flag. Instead, and before I had noticed it, I colored it like the Icelandic flag.

Apropos Iceland, I have been living there, and have tried to learn the language too. But I never got very far. The same goes for the French I had learned in school.

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