Saturday, July 21, 2012

Drawing Diary: 4 and 5 July

4 July. Refreshed ideas.
It had been raining the whole night and all the valleys were covered with mist. We planned to hike up to a mountain-top form the town of Geilo, but we changed our plans. Instead we walked halfway up to "Hivjufossen". I started sketching the waterfall, but never finished. Here is a drawing of a "Fossegrim" instead.

5 July: Birding.
Pwaa, this is what happens when I don´t have a computer with me.
Now I have to draw these birds form memory, rather from a photo-reference.
But, these are two of the birds I saw on our walk around lake "Bergsjøen" today.

The entry for the 4th is one of my favorite on the whole summer-vacation.
It took several days before I was done with it.

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