Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drawing Diary: 13 and 14 August

13 August: It is not good for a piggybank to be alone (or empty)
I finished my work early and had the opportunity to go by the bank for a new "codebrick", and open another bank account. It´s just smart to keep my personal and my business money separated.

14 August: Only courage will do
Designing this DTS-magazine was like trying to put a caffeinated crab to bed and get all its legs tucked in under the blanket. Next time I am not going to work alone on such a complex magazine.  I thought I could work with several projects at a time, but this one project alone had too many limbs that were wriggling up my face. I only got half started on the poster I thought I could have finished by now. I need a nap.

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