Friday, August 17, 2012

Drawing Diary: 15 and 16 August

15 August: When my good composure takes a sabbatical.
Today I noticed that I helped my productivity a lot by sleeping in, and by spilling my mustard. I got a primary school teacher listen to me complaining how complex and intense my work really is. I very much dislike complaints, because they usually don´t assume responsibility.
Well, after I had done those things (by exception), I felt a lot better.

16 August: Inspiration-lines
The three last minutes of an exam are usually the most inspiring.
Someone who followed my drawing diary time and between, asked wether I sometimes get empty for inspiration. My answer was yes, I go empty every week. But I never go empty for deadlines.
A few years ago we started calling deadlines for happy-lines, just to make it sound less mortal. We could just as well call the inspiration-lines.

I´d have to add to the last post, that the three minutes after the exam are very inspiring too. I usually come up with quite some good ideas of what I could have done. This happens with the diary entries, and very often when I work on YWAM Norway´s magazine.

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