Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drawing Diary: 19 and 20 August

19 August: It makes a difference
After dinner and dishes, I had a long talk with Ivar Magne. In many conversations I can easily put this diary on the table and have an interesting conversation. I am not sure wether the book is making the change that I had hoped for, but it is the most inspiring I have done for others. And that is a good begin.
And it is very exhausting too.

20 August: Back to Niniveh
I had to start working with a big activity page about Jonah again. It is a complex thing to be working on, and it was not easy today. I think, working with this diary is making it more difficult to work with complex projects over a long time. My brain must have changed a lot. Good/Bad?

I have a number of comic-books and other reference material that I use when I make the  these activity pages for the biblestudy. But it is always fun to find something new.

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