Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drawing Diary: 21 and 22 August

21 August: I am new here
My first time to work at the new Café UNO.
It was very quiet, as the weather was nice and many of the youth spent their afternoon at the town-beach. Our good illustrator/comics friend Marius dropped by to check out the new place. We enjoyed the sun in the café-yard, and talked a lot of creativity, comics and illustration. Always good inspiration.

22 August: Mythological weather
I woke up from the peal. Today was that one day in the year that it thundered.
The north-wind had been out and about on an errand, holding little diamond closely to her bosom.

Okay, first off, I am getting pretty tired of making these diary entries. Even when it still is a lot of fun to make them, I don´t get to do some other things that I would have liked to do.
There are some other projects that need finishing, and work is picking up again too.
So, I one of the drawings per two entries is going to be very simple.

Here are some photo´s of the opening event of Café UNO. At the bottom of the page you can see my stilty figure painting a swirling "family-tree" on one of the walls.

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