Monday, August 27, 2012

Drawing Diary: 25 and 26 August

25 August: Personal crash-time 
This was a typical saturday, I sleep in and take my time to work on the diary entries of the last days. It had gotten quite late last evening, as I finally finished the christmas poster I had started to work on so long ago. This is my first A3 size watercolor drawing. 

26 August: Collective crash-time 
One thing happens EVERY time after everyone has been busy with a a big event or conference here at Grimerud. The place is quiet again, just us. So we crash. Most of the times with a movie and pizza, this time with leftovers. The ones that do not want to see a movie crash in other ways, I have been reading the comic-books I had borrowed form the library, "Habibi" and "the Photographer".

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