Sunday, August 5, 2012

Drawing Diary: 3 and 4 August

3 August: Stooping tired
This is the kind of "design" I should be making for the DTS-magazine. Show the the violent change the school can make in your life. Change, from a shelled yellow blob to a fierce eagle, ripping through snakes. I keep holding back from be so vibrant with the design. Partly because I have been stooping tired.

4 August: Back to the eyrie
The pride of our eagles have returned to the eyrie.
This weekend, a number of our missionaries are here for an debriefing. Some are returning from the mission-field, others have been on furlough. They are regular people, keepingh a radical job. Choosing not to live just as a "good person", but as a undeniable examples of a life transformed by Gods grace.

Golden eagles are cool, here and here are a couple of video´s of them hunting.
I saw at least one of them during my vacation in the mountains.