Thursday, August 9, 2012

Drawing Diary: 7 and 8 August

7 August: Å du milde Monsterland
Here is a little practice piece for a poster I am working on. The brownish color is from the crema (mixed with ink). Crema is the lightbrown foam on your espresso, or French press. It tastes bitter. I usually take it away.

8 August: Et tre for Kalle og alle
When we were only a little tall, we believed in it possible that an apple-tree would sprout in our bodies if we would swallow a single apple-seed. Sneezing right after you ate them was the worst, you can imagine. A few days ago, a tree is spiring in my head, I am going to keep it there until the 18th. That is when I will make the big family-tree mural at Café UNO.

Here are a couple of amazing and inspiring sketchers.
Even if you don´t understand German, this is still a nice video.

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