Saturday, August 11, 2012

Drawing Diary: 9 and 10 August

9 August: Sweetums me
A far away friend got me to do this "which muppet are you"-quiz. And it showed that I was a 100% Sweetums! I was actually a bit shocked to find out how fitting this character is to me. 
"Sweetums is a large, hairy ogre who towers above his human and Muppet co-stars. His bulldog-like lower jaw, thick eyebrows, shabby brown shirt, and threatening expression belie his more or less genial nature."

10 August: Sweetums me
I didn´t know Sweetums was a character, I thought he was just like something in the background. Wait a minute, that´s probably what I look like to some people at Grimerud and at Café UNO. This tall ragged looking guy, minding his own business behind his design-desk and the café-counter. A little scary looking at first, but sweet on the inside.

I had people tell we they were afraid I would rip their heads of, no kidding.

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