Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drawing Diary: 10 and 11 September

10 September: Parties
I work with YWAM, a big international missions organization. Many times, after I have make an extra effort to help one of my co-workers, they tell me I will get my reward in heaven. I do believe God will be rewarding people in heaven, not because they have been such upright people, but because God is graceful. Grace is like my birthday, I get celebrated, but not for any my own efforts.

11 September: Always almost
Almost always when I meet up with this one guy at the café, he is super inspired to make the comic book he has been planning to make since the first time I met him there a good two years ago. More inspiration, ideas, magazines or software are not going to put any number of lines on the paper.
At the same time, to be fair: An idea needs to be developed enough in your mind before you can share it with others first and then with the rest of then world.

This looks like my imagination is really going to wear.
Here are few words, wise words, perhaps. No pictures this time.
I am living my life, and there is enough else to do.
Hope you will have a blessed week this week.
See yourself around, and count your blessings!

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