Friday, September 14, 2012

Drawing Diary: 12 and 13 September

12 September: It´s all bout the meme,
Yes, we are still having afternoon-breaks under the plum-trees here at Grimerud. Reception-guy joined us on the break after he managed to forward all the calls to his own phone. It was a very short break, as suddenly the skies broke too.

We are still picking from the lower branches of the plum trees. Today me and Anita took out a hour to make compote for everyone here. something neither of us has done before. We began to raid the apple-tree too, but them apples were not ripe yet. The compote was good, we had ice-cream with it. 

For Megan, it´s all about the bees.
I can identify much with her, in what she says about this beekeeping thing being her religion, for example. My diary is a thing like that, It has made my sense of purpose come out much more stronger and colorful. I am not lost without my drawings though. But it is my personal religion, and I want to share it with others. because I am a christian.

I think the comparison can go very far. Comparing her bees and honey with my entries in the diary. You get what the seasons bring you, for example.

I would definitively recommend the other video´s in the MadeByHand series.

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