Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drawing Diary: 20 and 21 September

20 September: The size and color of my heart
At our thursday-department meetings, we have a talk about one of the foundational values of our organization YWAM. Today, #17: Practice Hospitality.
As a christian, I would want to act hospitable not because I will get something in return.
But to show Gods generosity. In practice, I can regularly give money to the poor and needy, but I never invited a stranger into my house.

21: September: About what God is doing in my life.
Somebody asked me today, how it is christians can easily talk about anything but hesitate to share our experiences of God with others. I will answer her on monday.
Partly, I am afraid I will bore people, or they will not be able to relate to my personal experiences. Making these diary entries is «safe», I am not put up with the feared disappointment, misunderstanding and my inability to tell my stories well.


Barbro said...

Hei Jan Willem! I just have to tell you that I love your blog, I love to read the thoughts you share, and I lovelovelove your drawings! Have a great day :)

Jan Willem Middag said...

Thank you very much Barbro.
For you, and for many others, I would gladly be going on with these diary entries for a long time.
I´m glad to hear how much people appreciate so many of my drawings and stories.
I hope you will see the value of your every day. Today, tomorrow.