Monday, September 24, 2012

Drawing Diary: 22 and 23 September

22 September: Plum-pie
This is going to be the end of plum season for me, I am about to lose interest in plums. Our biblestudy-group is serving coffee and cakes at church tomorrow. after dinner I have spent until 23:15 to make two plum/apple pies. First I made a small brick-size test-pie. Whicht he guys approved. The pie ended up with a traditional top design.

21 September: Et lite stykke kake
The pies tasted really good, but not that good, that they scraped the bottom of the tin. Norway is not big on pie. Therefore, my hypothesis is that the dear norwegian people in church today felt very skeptic about the dark-red juicy plums under the crossing strips of butter-dough. I should have stuck a small Norwegian flag in it and a note that says: «Home-made with hand-picked Norwegian fruit». 

Even making a drawing food is a delicious experience, it´s a bit like when I baked the pies yesterday. It could imagine the taste of it without being able to eat it.
This is one of the first times I am doing watercoloring without inking first, and I am still getting the hang of it. The reason it looks a bit sloppy, is that I don´t want to use megamany hours of deep concentration for just this one drawing.
I hope your imagination will get the point of how delicious the pie was.


Ragnhild said...

I feel like pies are so much work... But it sounds and looks good! Perhaps Ill give plum pie a try :) It has been very long since I visited Grimerud, i would love some plum smoothie when i get there!

Jan Willem Middag said...

Pies are a delicious lot of work.
It seems to me that all the common kinds of cakes here in Norway have a homogenous consistency with toppings over it.
Norwegian pastries can be more complex.