Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 24 and 25 September

24 September: Upright 
In Café UNO, we are going to run this program called: «Raised up», it is going to turn the local teenagers into upright citizens. The whole manual was written by people that are very different than me. It started off to say that good communication should come with acknowledgments before it comes with information. It was good to be reminded that some people really thrive when given attention and acknowledgements by others (by me).

25 September: We are pumped!
This new Aeropress thing is going with a whiz. And the coffee tastes really really good. Today´s special coffee was form Honduras and had the taste of Black currant, ripe plums and the sourness of red apples. And that only for 15 NOK per cup.

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