Friday, September 28, 2012

Drawing Diary: 26 and 27 September

26 September: War-rations
Last night we were all out of bread and muesli. I thought for a moment about starting to bake a few loaves that night, but expected that new groceries would come in the morning. When it still had not come by lunchtime, I had an "expedition meal" meal for lunch. One that I had gotten through my parents when they visited me this summer. After dinner, two of us started baking 40 breads, wile I prepared apple-pie for 80 people. It was past midnight when I left the night-kitchen.

27 September: Long and faithful service
In the afternoon we gratulated Reidar and Marit Skaia for both of their 70th birthdays, and for their long and faithful work with the Norwegian YWAM pubishing house: Prokla Media. In the morning bible-study, we read Paul´s greetings to the people in Colosse, he too commends them on the faithful service for the church in that city.
Very much like Paul, Reidar´s advice to us youngsters was to keep reminding ourselves of our goal and calling in life.

Now that I have been working with this diary for over nine months, I see that it takes a lot of effort to tell a nuanced and complex life-story well. Maybe I am going to do a diary project again in 2013. Then I can do a big A3-page per week, and put all the small nuances and complexities of thoughts, events and conversations on one page.

When I expect my days to be simple, I never get them fit with reality. I seem to get an easier overview of life, when I expect it to be complex and partly incomprehensible.

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