Sunday, September 30, 2012

Drawing Diary: 28 and 29 September

28 September: Hay
It looks like it has been a good harvest this year, the hay storage is filling up, some of the hay is still outside on the field closest to the farm. We keep out biggest buildings warm by burning big round hay-rolls in a big furnace. I will probably be in the Netherlands when they will slaughter the sheep.

29 September: As seen at Grimerud
Which of the stories is the weirdest:
1. Our accountant and our IT-guy asked me for inner bicycle-tube. They want to make big slingshots.
2. I actually made the effort to bike a few kilometers,
and found them a inner-tube (Plus, I needed the valve from the old tube).
3. While visiting a family, I saw a dove tied to a nail in their porch, on one foot of string.
They said it could not fly so it had stay down to recover for a few days.
4. I picked apples in the dark, with a flashlight. To make some more apple-pie.

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