Monday, September 10, 2012

Drawing Diary: 8 and 9 September

I am often glad to help, today I found Audun in the basement scratching his beard. He had promised someone to wash a 9 m3 woolen rug. Smelly. He meant to use the truck-size, hand-operated washing machine. Since I had the time, I aided him to the task. I have been using this machine before, and like working with it.
When the rug was washed we dragged the soaking wet thing downhill to the shed and hung it over a bit scaffolding to drip and dry for one day.

9 September: Getting them stuffed and started
I had dinner prep duty today, and made a total mess, so much that I felt obligated to help out with the dishes. Which I did. On the menu was Moussaka form lamb-meat. I don´t like lamb meat. We only had three salad heads to make a salad for 60 people, so I immediately set Svein Erik to grate carrots for a carrot-salad (grated carrots+raisins+orange juice+diced apples). A good part of those sixty people were the new students form the DTS that started at Grimerud today. 

It took some imagination and resourcefulness to steer this big old machine, and to figure out where and how to dry the 9 m3 rug. Transporting the soaking wet rug (70 kg) was a feat all by itself, and keeping our clothes dry aswel. But those are exactementally the kind of thing that guys like to do, right?

Here is an index over the parts and functions of the washing machine:
1. Hot water tap
2. Cold water tap
3. Old power supply (doesn´t work, cord was cut)
4. The washing drum
5. Power switch
6. New power supply cable.
7. Thermometer
8. Manual drum turning handle
9. Drum-water drain handle
10. Drum water-level meter
11. Drum water drain tap (It was stuck and I broke it off)
12. Toilet brush (standing around for size reference)


Charne aka Meisie said...

Aaaah! carrot salad like it should be...dit moet die hollandse bloed in my afrikaner lyf wees wat dit ook so verkies!

Jan Willem Middag said...

Ik heb echt geen idee of dat nou een hollands wortel-salade is, met dat ik al jaren in e keuken werk heb ik zo´n recept ooit eens opgepikt.
Die dag waren het ik en een noorse belg die het eten zouden maken, en toen ik hem aan het wortels raspen zat, commenteerde hij ook al dat hij het als een hollandse salade kende.