Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drawing Diary: 12 and 13 October

12 October: The Skippers of the Kameleon
I had planned to have a hand-drawn card ready for my friend who got married yesterday. I started sketching on my way down in the plane, but did not finish it until today. I also made them an extra picture, it had a "Skippers of the Kameleon"-theme to it. My friend used to collect and read this series when she was little.

13 October: Drawing day
I spent my day playing computer-games and finishing some personal drawings the I had started a few weeks ago.
The bird above is a "Little Bittern" and lives in the reedbeds in our Dutch swamps and wetlands.

At vacation times, I very often spend the day doing very little productive, and have a lot of time to make colorfull drawings for my diary. Less talk, more paint, YAY!

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