Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drawing Diary: 14 and 15 October

12 October: If church was a park ...
I was in my home church today, twice. It was the first time I was in our new church builing. I don't really like it. But the accoustics seems to be very good. I usually forget the message of the sermon quicker than I forget the illustrations from the sermon. Today onr service was about the church being one body with many members, that are all very different. For the illustration, the minister mentioned De Keukenhof, where all the colorful flowers together make for such a lovely experience. I thought De Efteling would be a much nicer park to illustration this idea, with longneck and the other good helpers who could do different things.

13 October: Echt HEMA
Everyone in the Netherlands buys their underwear and socks at HEMA. And their smoked sausage, and the chocolate letters. Well, many people do. I was in the town of Hardenberg, and restocked on socks, ten pairs. That shoudl keep me going for a while.

I found some old inkwells in the garage yesterday. One of them still had some fountain-pen ink in it. I used that to make today's illustrations. This ink has a very dark blue color, rather than the think black kind that I use otherwise.

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