Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drawing Diary: 16 and 17 October

16 October: Bible-study group
I had to be at the dentist in the afternoon. She found two cavities, and filled both of them by drilling only once. In the evening I was with the bible-study group my parents are in. They wanted me to share something, so we read a passage by the same method I use when I make bible-studies for kids. This way, I hope they got to see a bit of what I work with. Our retired organist had come too, just because of me. That was an honour.

17 October: A new moblie :)
I did another viist to the dentist in the morning, and visited my dad at his work aterwards. With two "apprentices" he fixes all kinds of electronics at the big second hand store. He had found a good used cell-phone that I could have. Another early birthday-present. Almost all the buttons on my old phone were worn smooth, and had gotten pretty unreadable.

It's easy to make an mechanical/electronic object more agreeable. You just put a pair of eyes on the part that is the most natural place for a face. Like with the popular animation movie Cars.

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