Sunday, October 21, 2012

Drawing Diary: 18 and 19 October

18 October: Deal or no deal
Having "koopavond" once a week gives the people time to make shopping a social thing. I was in Hardenberg to talk with someone about making a series of christmas/newyears cards. We had not gotten to a definite deal when I walked out, I will make a few sketches to show him what I am thinking. Evenings like this remind me that I have to be business-minded aswell as an artist.

19 October: Pouring the new ink in old bottles
I cycled to Coevorden, and found some refuse fountain-pen cartrides in a bookstore. Back home I drained all of them into this old inkbottle. We stuffed the hole of a large bead with enough rubber-bands to make it water-tight. Now I have the right kind of ball for the waterlock. Milking the ink out of 30 fountain-pen cartridges sounds like Dutch frugality to some, but I did it because it was fun.

The milkcan in the cartyre is a small representitation of the local "Carbid shieten". We do it on old-years day, and it is our form of fireworks,
Here you can get a bit of a better idea of what the special old ink-bottle looks like.

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